Front Porch Sessions and why I won’t be doing them! – COVID-19

April 1, 2020

Barrie Family Photographer

 We have all been seeing the advertisement of the front porch sessions, and I honestly love this idea.
However there a risks that are involved and also my part time job is deemed an essential service as is my husband who is working here and there so it makes it even harder for me
to be able to get out to offer these.

Back to these risks and why I don’t do them;

The Ontario Government has deemed that all non-essential businesses close, so we can do our part in helping with not spreading COVID-19.
Fines are able to be given out if we are caught working and truthfully a small business would not be able to withstand a fine of $750-$100,000 at a time of uncertainty and cancellations of current work lined up.

Also we are not at all 100% sure where and how long the COVID-19 sticks around on surfaces or if it is truly airborne. I know there are so many reports that mention all of this but we have all been told many different thing and even with whats been said whether it’s true or not, is it really worth the risk?

MY 3rd and final reason is my family, and no just my little family of 4; but my siblings who are all working through this whole pandemic and will continue to work even if things escalated.
My older sister is an RN at Southlake Regional Health Centre in the ICU there. She directly deals with those admitted with COVID-19 and I think of her and how she leaves my Niece at home self-isolated by herself (she is 16 so is old enough too) and the thought of making her job even more strenuous than it needs to be, or potentially contracted COVID-19, I will not do it.
My little sister is a PARAMEDIC in Alberta, and yes I can not affect her personally, but she is on the front helping others that could potential turn ill, or have possibly exposure to it from having to enter homes to help those that are ill and need assistance.
My little brother is an POLICE OFFICER, he doesn’t necessarily deal with COVID-19 directly but he does have to continue work and deal be in the public to help. Also these times are hard and crime rates will go up and create an even more stressful job with more stress added to it.

With all that being said, we have a massive shortage of PPE and to think all 3 of my siblings put themselves into harms way, as yes they are their jobs, but every single one of them says that they absolutely love what they do by helping others. So I will do my part in helping make their lives a bit easier in this terrible time by staying home with my family.

I am not judging those that do it, nor is it my place to say anything, but wanted to explain why I am not offering them. This is my time to take advantage of the extra time with my kiddos in what was such a busy world with work, and life and sports, it was like we never had a chance to sit down and realize the important things in life.
These times are tough, both mentally and financially for so many of us, but remember we are all in this together and passing judgement or being rude to others at a time of this is not how to overcome this pandemic. We need to share compassion and understanding in these times and know that WE CAN ONLY DO OUR PART. Yes it can be frustrating when you see other’s not following the guidelines or what has been set out to protect us, but please remember we are all human and deserve a bit of compassion at this time. It isn’t wrong to feel strongly about things but let’s remember we are all going through things differently in our 4 walls that we call home, and let’s not be so quick to judge.

To end this I will quote a movie I have been watching WAY TOO MANY TIMES cos of my kids but it is so true.
“THE ONE THING THAT IS FOREVER IS LOVE” Thank you Olaf for these true words.

So as Ellen say’s “BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER”

Barrie Family Photographer Barrie Family Photographer




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